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Harmful Effects of Screen Violence on Children

Take any film industry in this world, and you can see there is some form of violence in many of their movies or TV programs. Children are not just limited to watching screen violence on...

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Proven Strategies to Stop Child Phone Addiction

My heart aches to see children of all ages glued to their phone screens. I then curse the invention of phone. Since the invention of smartphones, a phone’s primary utility of being a communication device...

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Rescued by Love: Surviving a Near-Death Experience

One day, a life-altering incident occurred that could have ended in tragedy, but I was miraculously saved. How did it happen? It was the time when I used to work for my first IT company...

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Key Traits to Identify a Narcissist and 7 Empowering Steps to Deal with Them

According to Psych Central, nearly all of us show traits of narcissism from time to time. We all may show some traits of narcissism when dealing with certain people or in certain conditions or at...

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18 Most Important Soft Skills You Must Teach Your Child

Soft Skills, Real Skills, or Human skills; people call or know them by different names. It doesn’t matter what you call them, these are important skills and your child must understand, learn and act on...

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20 Ways to Find Out If You are a Mature and Ideal Partner

When you love and care for your partners, you really strive to avoid your destructive behaviours and past bad influences. You educate yourself. You become more aware of your partners’ emotions and feelings. But, some...

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