We are Social Experience Hub.

As you know, we humans are social animals and live in a society.

Wherever you’ll go, you’ll find 1 or more humans. Almost all of us interact with other humans around us daily. So whenever we interact with human(s) in a social condition, we’re having social experiences.

These social experiences can be good or bad depending on how we behave or others behave in a social atmosphere. How we take our emotions and others’ emotions. What words we use and what others use. What meaning others derive from your words and what meaning you derive from others’ words.

Life is complex, relationships are complex, society is complex, and the whole world is complex. But it doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about these complexities. We can make our life better by learning more, understanding more, and taking certain actions that will help us move further.

On this blog, I’ll share the important knowledge that I have gained from my own experiences, my successes, my failures,  life learnings, reading different books, and observations. I have been closely observing myself and the people around me. I have been observing society/societies, I have been observing the whole world as much as I can.

I will share crucial thoughts and life lessons that I have learnt after heartbreaks, after feeling a lot of emotional pain, being manipulated by others, being used by others.

I’ll share what I used to believe initially due to lack of knowledge, due to lack of understanding of people, our society and the world. And how my beliefs changed later during the course of life.

So please subscribe and keep checking to see if you are interested in hearing me on any topics that you are interested in. Maybe you will find something useful in it.

Thanks for time and being there!

Rajesh Sharma

I am Rajesh Sharma

I am a freelance IT Consultant and I have found my new passion in writing. On this blog, I write about Social Experiences and share tips on improving them.