Key Traits to Identify Manipulative People

How do you feel when you find that someone has manipulated you? You feel anger. You feel shame. You feel mental agony. But as we live in a society, we deal with lots of people...

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Why Watching TV Doesn’t Satisfy You?

It is hard to resist watching TV. Every time you see a remote, you just want to click the power button to turn the TV on. It requires good mental strength to ignore that darn...

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Harmful Effects of Screen Violence on Children

Take any film industry in this world, and you can see there is some form of violence in many of their movies or TV programs. Children are not just limited to watching screen violence on...

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You Believe It or Not, Looks Matter

Looks matter. Otherwise, movies and stories won’t show fairies and angels so beautifully. Have you ever imagined a fairy looking like a common human or even an ogre? We have been told and shown that...

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What Is Guilt Tripping and How to Respond to It?

Think of guilt tripping as an emotional manipulation technique. In this technique, a person can make you feel guilty for something, even when you haven’t done something wrong. You may start doubting yourself. You may...

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Dear Indians, IPL games are Weakening You (Are You Aware?)

Every year comes the summer, and IPL (Indian Premier League) takes place between March and May. People of India are crazy about the Indian Premier League (IPL), a hugely popular cricket tournament. IPL games are not...

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