Common Mental Blocks Holding You Back from Success

You may feel their stubbornness when attempting to solve a complex application problem, start a business, or do a creative project. You’ve accumulated these mental barriers over time, just like picking up pebbles on a...

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Do You Really Care About Your Brain Health?

Who plays a pivotal role in our overall wellness? Our brain. Who governs our thoughts and feelings? Our brain. Who controls our behaviors? Our brain. Our brains are extraordinary powerhouses. They are exceptionally adept at...

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Proven Strategies to Stop Child Phone Addiction

My heart aches to see children of all ages glued to their phone screens. I then curse the invention of phone. Since the invention of smartphones, a phone’s primary utility of being a communication device...

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15 Effective Tips To Help You Complete Projects Faster

Whether it’s a personal project or a work-related endeavor, the desire to complete projects more efficiently is universal. Why? Because, you are striving to be more efficient. It shows that you can manage your time,...

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15 Powerful Techniques to Influence Anyone Positively

We daily influence someone — consciously or subconsciously. We can influence people positively or negatively. In negative influence, people may use various harmful and unethical tactics to manipulate, deceive, exploit, or coerce their targets for...

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Delhi NCR People are Losing Their Lives to Air Pollution

It is November and winter has started. The people of Delhi NCR have started worrying about the air pollution… again. They should. Because AQI has crossed 400 mark for PM2.5. And, in some places, it has...

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