Some US States are Considering to Allow Teenagers to Work

US states considering allowing teenagers to work

As per a news on NDTV website, I have come to realise that there is a labour shortage going on in US.

To tackle this situation, 10 out of 50 US states are considering to loose child labour laws. Upon loosening these laws, teenagers of age 14 and 15 would be able to work without asking for permit.

These laws would allow the teenagers to work in restaurants, light assembly lines, some factories, serving alcohols in bars, etc.

What do you think of this? Is this right?

In my opinion, this is absolutely not right.

If some lawmakers in US are not thinking about the child protections, we can understand that big corporations are at play. They are conspiring with lawmakers to get low-cost labour to achieve their long-term goals and profits.

Who will suffer from this?

Children of poor people, less educated people, or immigrant people. It’s the greed of corporations that they can do anything with government to rewrite the child labour and child protection laws.

Won’t Teenagers be More Vulnerable?

Around the world, teenagers involved in child labour are more susceptible to abuse and exploitation. They are easy target for human-traffickers. You can see countless examples in any country where teenagers are working.

So, will US lawmakers save these teenagers from being vulnerable?

Will It Help Teenagers in Future?

If teenagers start to work as labours, they will have less access to education. They will get less opportunities for their skills development. This will lead to limited opportunities for them in future.

Due to lack of formal education and skills, their employment prospects will be limited. They could remain trapped in low-paying and exploitative jobs.

End result? Perpetuation of cycle of poverty.