Adipurush Movie: A Pathetic Joke About Lord Shri Ram

Adipurush movie showing actor Vibhas as Lord Shri Ram

Have you seen the Bollywood’s Adipurush movie ? No? It’s good for your mental peace.

Are you planning to watch it or considering it? Don’t even think about it. It is utterly pathetic. This movie is a disgraceful mockery of “Lord Shri Ram.”

Since my childhood, I have read stories from Ramayana, heard tales from my grandparents, and watched the original TV serial “Ramayana.”

In my memory, “Lord Shri Ram” is depicted as humble. His eyes reflect empathy, and a charming smile graces his face. He displays anger only when necessary and is soft-spoken.

However, the portrayal of Ram in the movie “Adipurush” does not even come close to the image of Ram that people hold in their minds. Not only Ram, but there is also a complete lack of justice done to characters like Sita, Laxman, Hanuman, Ravana, and others. None of them matches the original stories.

In the TV serial “Ramayana,” one could witness deep emotions, brotherhood, and camaraderie. However, these aspects are absent in the movie “Adipurush.” There is no backstory or character development.

The movie is plagued by cringe-worthy dialogues. Manoj Shukla Muntashir, the writer, has penned these “Sadak Chaap dialogues” (language used by illiterate and rude people). When you hear those dialogues, your ears will bleed. Your blood will curdle, and you’ll have plenty to say to this writer.

When confronted about this type of work, Manoj claims that the dialogues were meticulously written. How meticulous is he? He even asserts that his grandmother used to tell him the story in this language. Really? Whose grandmother would say words like “teri jali kya?” while telling Ramayana story to her grandchildren?

Manoj has changed the facts in the story. When confronted by a news channel’s anchor, he says this movie is an inspiration from the original story and has created the story considering the audience of today’s time. In another interview, he was saying something else like, “We have changed nothing and everything is as per original story”. Which Manoj Shukla Muntashir should we believe?

There is no originality in this movie; it appears they were inspired by Hollywood films like “Lord of the Rings,” “Harry Potter series,” “Marvel movies,” and so on. They attempted to replicate scenes, ideas, or styles from such movies, but their visual effects (VFX) are so poorly done that you’d wonder, “How can this be a INR 600 crore movie?”

The actors who played Ram, Sita, Laxman, and Hanuman in the TV serial “Ramayana” are still revered for their roles. These actors portrayed their characters so brilliantly that some people even touch their feet out of respect.

But people won’t be able to show that kind of respect to actor Vibhas’ Ram. In the name of acting, he was stone-faced in many scenes, lacking emotions. He was not an actor you admired in “Bahubali.” You can’t expect such lousy acting from a seasoned actor.

Director Om Raut may have thought of capitalizing on the current wave of “Hinduism” stirred up by certain politicians. It might fulfill their desire to earn hundreds of crores in the name of “Jai Shri Ram.”

However, Om Raut fails to realize that he has shattered the image of “Lord Shri Ram.” He has not depicted India’s most celebrated story sincerely and respectfully. He prioritizes box office collections.

This movie is a result of “greed”; there is no respect or reverence for “Lord Shri Ram.” Everyone involved in this movie is inherently greedy. Actor Vibhas charged INR 120 crore for this movie. Do you think he would ask so much money because he really cares for Ram or his image in the movie? Money wins over faith most of the time.

If these individuals had been sincere, they could have created a masterpiece—a movie that people would appreciate, love, and respect.

If you observe what people are saying about this movie, most sensible individuals dislike it. They criticize the bad dialogues, underdeveloped story, poor acting, and shoddy VFX. They don’t want to expose their children to this movie.

I won’t show this movie to my children, and neither should you. What would they learn? Bad dialogues? What would they grasp about Ramayana? An incomplete story that they will struggle to connect with.

Your children will not learn why “Lord Shri Ram” went to the jungle for 14 years. They will not experience the bond of brotherhood among the four siblings—Ram, Laxman, Bharat, and Shatrughan.

Only gullible individuals seem to appreciate this movie because they struggle in life to distinguish between right and wrong.

In conclusion, I can only say that my sentiments are hurt. Most of the people who have watched this movie share the same sentiment.

Those who made this movie out of greed or for political reasons may think they will earn a fortune from it. Maybe you are right, but will you find mental peace amidst the overwhelming criticism of the movie? Will you sleep soundly on your bed of money? I doubt it.

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