Don’t Underestimate Manifestations: They Have Worked For Me

Manifestations - the power of universe

The power of manifestation is real, so don’t dismiss it as a bogus idea.

The power of manifestation only works for those who truly believe in it. If you have any doubts, no matter how hard you try to manifest, you will fail.

When I mention doubts, I’m referring to your inner thoughts, intentions, and actions. They must align with your manifestation. If they don’t, your manifestation will fail because the universe is confused. You are telling the universe about your desired manifestation, but your thoughts, intentions, and actions clash with what you want.

For example, if you are manifesting wealth but have inner beliefs and doubts that rich people are bad or that having money is sinful, it creates a clash according to the laws of attraction.

I understand that manifestation is not an easy thing; otherwise, I would have achieved many things in my life. Even my beliefs and doubts clash with my manifestations.

However, upon deep reflection of my own life, I have noticed certain things and situations that became true for me because I was intensely focused on them. My intentions and thoughts were strong, and I had no doubts about them.

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

— Maya Angelou

Manifesting Friends

During my time in school, I went without friends for about three years. I often felt lonely and wished to have friends almost every day. I was bored.

In the same school and the same place where I used to live, my prayers were answered, and I met three new friends almost simultaneously. I had a great time with them, so my manifestation worked in this case.

Manifesting Freedom from My Parents’ Home

I never liked the place and neighborhood where my parents lived. We belonged to a low-income family at that time.

I always wanted to leave that place and live in a better location, but because we were not financially well-off, I couldn’t figure out a way to do so.

I thought that when I would get a job, I could move out. However, the universe created some favorable situations that allowed me to move to a friend’s house in a better place, even without a job.

Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Manifesting My First Job

Immediately after moving out, I was desperate to find a job, but as an inexperienced IT person, it was challenging.

Due to the proper alignment of my inner thoughts and intentions, things started happening, and I managed to secure a job interview with the help of a friend. I passed the interview and got the job. I was incredibly happy at that moment, and it felt like a play of the universe.

The universe does listen to your manifestations/prayers if they are genuine and intense.

Manifesting My Life Partner

I fell in love with a woman, but my family and friends were against the relationship.

Despite their opposition, my intense desire to make her my life partner started changing situations, and eventually, we ended up together. My family eventually accepted the situation, and now there is harmony.

Manifesting Desired Salaries

When I was young and working, I was not aware of what manifestation was, but I used to pray to Lord Shiva, and prayers are manifestations in reality.

I only received the salaries that I had in my mind at the time. If there was a lower number ingrained in my subconscious, conflicting with my desired amount, I would not receive a higher salary.

Once, I had a specific number in mind for my salary, but I couldn’t achieve it immediately. After a couple of years and with continued focus on that number, I eventually received the exact amount I had asked for.

Manifestations do work, whether sooner or later.

Manifesting International Travels

Beware of people who instill doubts and fear in you as they unknowingly harm you.

When I was very young, a so-called pandit saw my palm and predicted that I wouldn’t be able to travel to any foreign country.

This prediction stuck in my mind, and I began to think that I was unlucky. After about 30 years of doubtful thinking, I started to change my thoughts and wished to travel outside of my country.

I became desperate and started visualizing myself in different countries, imagining the beaches and mountains I would visit. Due to my changed thinking, my ingrained fears and doubts started fading away. Situations changed, conditions changed, and finally, I traveled to a foreign country. I was overjoyed when I took my first step in that foreign land, feeling like Neil Armstrong when he first set foot on the Moon.

I have been to several countries and am planning to visit more in the near future.

This is another example that confirms that if you change your thinking, conquer your fears and doubts, you can change your luck. Manifestations do work.

Manifesting Living in Goa

When I was living in New Delhi, I became dissatisfied with city life. The arrogant people, bad traffic conditions, congested roads, and pollution were too much for me.

I didn’t want to continue living in such conditions and desired a healthier life. In Goa, I found a place that I thought would be ideal to live. I started wishing to live there, and once again, the universe helped me. Things changed, situations changed, and my income grew.

After a couple of years, my family and I finally arrived in Goa, and we have been living here ever since.

Prayers, wishes, and manifestations do work. Believe in them and have patience.

Manifesting Becoming a Photographer and Blogger

Around three years ago, I developed a strong interest in photography and blogging.

I started reading and consuming materials related to both fields, such as books, blogs, and social media platforms. As I realized my genuine interest and desire, I began purchasing photography equipment and exploring my writing skills.

However, it took time. I wrote for a while and even created a blog, but then I stopped due to self-doubt. In terms of photography, I felt the need for higher-end camera gear and lenses specific to my niche. Last year, after a long wait, I finally bought the camera kit I wanted and have been doing photography since then.

This year, I resumed writing because I couldn’t stay away from it. I started learning and writing again, and I launched my blog last month.

Once again, it shows that manifestations do work.

Other Manifestations That Worked for Me

I have experienced many smaller manifestations. I bought the laptops I desired, wore the brands I used to long for, stayed at luxury resorts I wanted to try, and tasted the food I wished to experience. I have found the mental peace I always desired after a long period of struggle.

I have gained the knowledge and answers I sought, and I have realized love, joy, happiness, and good health.

Manifestations That Didn’t Work for Me

All of my manifestations, in which I had doubts, did not work out for me. My thoughts and manifestations were not properly aligned, and my thoughts and intentions kept fluctuating. Manifestations didn’t work when my mindset was negative towards certain things.

The universe won’t listen to you when you are in such a confused state. I realized the true power of manifestations very late, but now I am working on changing some of my beliefs and old stubborn thoughts to manifest more effectively.

Reflect on Your Life: Manifestations May Have Worked for You Too

Manifestations work for everyone. If you have manifested good or bad outcomes, whichever had a strong intensity, it must have happened to you.

Reflect on your life. You may have received many gifts from the universe, those gifts that you were seeking. This happened because you were positive about them. You used the right words and took the appropriate actions towards them.

Reflect on your life again. You may have experienced some negative outcomes because of your negativity. If you repeatedly say things like, “I don’t have enough money” to many people, you’re right. The universe even manifests your negative statements. Repeating any kind of negative statements affects your life in a detrimental way. You are attracting bad luck.

If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles.

— Wayne Dyer


Manifestations have the power to transform our lives and bring us closer to our dreams. They are like prayers to our deities or gods.

Manifestation does not mean waking up one day and saying, “I want to be a millionaire.” Manifestation doesn’t work if it’s merely wishful thinking. The universe observes your words, thoughts, and actions, analyzing whether you deserve what you desire.

The universe takes into account your efforts, hard work, sacrifices, and right intentions, as well as your freedom from doubt. You must truly invest yourself in making your manifestations a reality.

Sometimes manifestations take time because the universe wants to test your patience, character, and persistence. Many people give up on their manifestations because they can’t wait or start doubting their effectiveness.

Have faith, let go of doubts and fears, and keep praying. Repeat your manifestation words, visualize your dreams, and imagine how you will feel when you realize those dreams.

Don’t give up and keep manifesting. Best of luck!

By Raj Sharma

Raj Sharma is a freelance IT Consultant who have found his new passion in writing. On this blog, he writes about Social Experiences and shares tips on improving them.

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